Is There a Hotmail Support Number to Call for Help?

Just in case you don’t already know, Microsoft closed Hotmail early last year and moved all their users to Outlook. Why? Over the last few years, Hotmail developed a bad reputation and suffered in comparison to other webmail services, particularly Google. In connection with this, users search for a Hotmail support number for their inquiries and yet finds nothing.

Months before the transition, Microsoft sent their users multiple emails informing them of the upcoming change and encouraging them to make the move. The new application is commonly used for email but it also has other functions, learn more about Outlook as an overall personal information manager here. Some users took this proactively, went ahead and upgraded their accounts to the new interface. Microsoft made the process simple and easy. By just clicking on the Upgrade button, messages and contacts were migrated to Outlook. Old users were given the option to keep their Hotmail email address or get a new address. Those who didn’t make the move on their own were eventually moved automatically.

call Hotmail Support Number for email issues

Microsoft boasts of a new, clean, Metro look. They added new features while retaining popular old features like one-click unsubscribe and sweep. Some of its features you will love are social media integration, unlimited cloud storage, and enhanced customizable options.

In line with the transition, some people have encountered difficulties in accessing their account. During the first few months of the move, users struggled with these changes and have been looking for a Hotmail support number to call.


Hotmail Support Number: Common Issues

1. Hotmail has hundreds of millions of users and a lot of them have not logged in to their email for a long time. They found that they could no longer access their account. This is because Microsoft deletes accounts that have not been used for over a year.

2. New Hotmail or Outlook not running on their browser;

3. Spam and phishing emails. This was the primary factor that tarnished the name of Hotmail and part of the reason why Microsoft decided to close it. Unfortunately, as Outlook, this is still a concern.

4. Since its launch, there have been several times when users have reported that they could not send or even access outlook. Read our previous post where we’ve discussed the most common email problems.


If you have been scouring the internet for a Hotmail customer support phone number to call, don’t search further. The sad fact is, there is no number to call. The best way to contact Hotmail support is to go to their Outlook support page. They offer various topics and categories for the most common webmail Hotmail issues. Hotmail is also offering Hotmail customer service providing you with answers through emails.

outlook for help


If you click on the Contact us link, you will find a detailed resource that could hopefully address whatever issue you have. Without a Hotmail phone number to call, you will just have to find the answers yourself.

If your problem pertains to: getting error pop-ups, virus, suspected malware, slower-than-usual connection, you can’t successfully send emails and the likes, click on the Hotmail technical support link. Understand more about hackers, invading your Hotmail accounts, by reading this.

Looking for someone to help you understand your bill? The Account and Billing section could help you.

If you need help in installing a new Windows product, go to the Set-up and Installation support. They even have a Buying advice section that can point you to the right direction when you need to sort through your buying options.

Another venue to find help is through the Forums. There may be no Microsoft Hotmail support number, but there are Microsoft experts in the forum who can answer your questions.

So if you know someone searching for a Hotmail support number, tell them to search for the answers instead.